The Blacksmith Range

This Range of products is based around a number of finishes and styles that have all been ‘hand forged’ by Blacksmiths using age old techniques and methods of shaping the base metal on an anvil using hot coals, a hammer and years of practice.

These are traditional product designs for traditional properties but we have also found that they can also look beautiful in any setting and style of property. This Range suits many modern applications as these days we know the need for energy effecient windows and doors that come with new security features which our products all adhere too.

Whether it be a multi-point locking composite front door which our ‘Espagnolette Handles’ are designed to operate or the timber look-alike windows that are being sold in their thousands we have a traditional product to help create an authentic look and feel around your home.

The Range consists of a number of traditional finishes, some that have been around since blacksmiths were evident and popular in every town and villiage in the country, like the Beeswax finish which offers a texture and colour that gives a subtle, matt richness to the metal. Or the classic Black finish which affords excellent weather-proofing abilities so the same products can be used anywhere in or around your home.

We also offer some very special finishes like the Pewter Patina finish (exclusive to From The Anvil products) which gives a texture and patina which is not only elegant and beautiful but has an unmatched contrast of texture and colour in today’s market.

Whatever finish you choose from this Range you will find products which have all been crafted by hand and each will show a fine amount of detail not achievable by any casting techniques and give you a product that is not only aesthetically pleasing but with proper care also last a lifetime.