Period Collection

The Period Collection

This Collection of products is based around a number of classic finishes that have been added to the From The Anvil product range in answer to the demands of a ever increasing market.

These finishes help to add authenticity to any number of period property types and at the same time can also reach other more modern and urban properties.

The introduction of high end products manufactured with both traditional casting and modern machining techniques using quality materials provides a Collection of exceptional quality, style and beauty.

Materials such as Aged Bronze which is manufactured from solid bronze with a high copper content allows the finish to age and mature with your home and through use will acheive a warm patina and a depth to the product that simulates historical quality.

These ‘Period’ finishes in the Collection allow the product to live and breathe as we use them and as such will age and create different organic patinas as we use the products in different ways over the years. Giving each owner a completely unique product.

The solid Brass finishes being a great example of this process as due to it being unlacquered it can be left to tarnish naturally through oxidization and use or if preffered, can be polished and restored to it’s original condition to suit all tastes and even property types.

Whatever finish you choose from this Collection you will find works of art which have all been finished by hand and of a quality that is expected of ‘genuine’ From The Anvil products. Products which are not only aesthetically pleasing but with proper care will age with you and last a lifetime.