Natural Smooth Finish

Natural Smooth Natural Smooth

For Internal Use Only - A natural cast iron, finished with a clear matt lacquer which produces a beautifully smooth look and feel with subtle highlights from the base metal. This is only intended for internal use. If fitted externally i.e in an enclosed porch/bathroom, it will need to be treated with Maintenance Wax periodically.

We recommend that this finish is wiped with a lightly oiled cloth from time-to-time which will remove harmful deposits and maintain its original condition.

Warnings: The chemicals in wet plaster will rust our products. Only fit your new ironmongery when you have made sure that all new plaster is fully cured. Also, we do not recommend using our products in coastal areas as the salt content in the air will rust all finishes. Only stainless steel will not rust in this sort of environment and therefore our products cannot be guaranteed.

Warnings: All of our product finishes which are marked for ‘external use’ have been designed to withstand many adverse weather conditions but even with these tough finishes it is still a necessity to maintain the finish. Regular wiping with a slightly oiled cloth is highly recommended as harmful deposits can & will stick to the surface which will eventually break it down. A little time & effort during the life of your item will prolong and maintain your genuine ‘From The Anvil’ furniture long into the future.